Julius Baer – Bank of China Wealth Report: Asia

This year marks a departure point for the Chinese economy, which will have profound impacts far beyond the region. Already the world’s premier manufacturing exporter, the groundwork is being laid for China to transform its service sector, move up the global value chain and sustain the rapid increase in wealth that the world is witnessing today.

Released in October 2014, the Julius Baer – Bank of China Wealth Report: Asia offers unique insights into how China is changing, and examines closely the aspirations of China’s High Net Worth Individuals, who themselves are the entrepreneurs and business leaders at the forefront of the economic transition. In addition to a ground breaking survey of Bank of China’s client base, this year’s report features a Lifestyle Index dedicated to China alone, which aims to track the cost of luxury living across Asia.

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Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2014

The Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, released in October 2014, provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on global household wealth. Credit Suisse collaborates with Professors Anthony Shorrocks and Jim Davies, recognized authorities on this topic, and the principal authors of “Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective,” Oxford University Press, 2008. The report measures and analyzes trends in wealth across nations from the very base of the “wealth pyramid” to the ultra-high net worth individuals. The methodology is robust, established over many years of analysis, and completely transparent with regard to the underlying sources and their quality.

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