About IFOA

IFOA_Logo_smallThe International Family Office Association (IFOA) is a not-for-profit organisation providing collaboration for Family Offices on Thought Leadership, Research and Networking opportunities for those establishing, managing or servicing the Family Office sector globally.

IFOA was established in 2011 in response to the rapid growth in global wealth particularly in emerging economies and the need for education and networking for those interested in creating Family Office entities.  IFOA currently provides connections for multiple Family Offices with a range of credible wealth management groups and valuable networking opportunities.

How we can help:

  • Worldwide Research on Best Practices for Family Offices
  • How to create a Structured Family Office – offshore options for your wealthy clients
  • Global Thought Leadership
  • Stealth Networking Opportunities
  • Consulting Services to Endorsed Partners to stimulate client acquisition
  • Access to Unique Services
  • Access to wholesale funds including direct investments in property, PE and Venture Capital

As the International Family Office Association, we focus on Family Office collaboration in a growing global economy.  We also provide services to those Advisers needing to provide a Family Office solution to their clients.  We do this by providing the risk management and compliance structure required for your clients – a licensed, regulated and professionally operated private family investment platform.

We provide you and your clients with access to the most up to date practices from around the world:

  • Worldwide Research on Best Practices
    • We’ve reviewed the world’s top performing wealth management organisations so we can point you in the right direction

We currently have contracts via FINTRX ( to over 9200 Family Offices representing USD$291 Billion in assets, with global total estimated Family Office funds estimated at USD$1.3 Trillion.

  • Creating a Structured Family Office
    • Getting the right structure for your Family Office is imperative
    • We work with the best educational institutions in the Asia Pacific Rim who specialise in education that supports the establishment and ongoing management of Family Offices worldwide
    • By collaborating with leading education institutions, we can guide you to educational courses that enable the structured wealth of Family Offices.
  • Thought Leadership and Research
    •  Our network provides us with access to global economic forums and best practices for optimising your family office wealth management
  • Stealth Networking 
    • IFOA will only endorse Conferences and Events that will provide a high calibre of Family Office structuring advice and access to unique wealth management opportunities
    • Network through IFOA and gain the latest commercial intelligence on the family office sector
  • Consulting Services
    • IFOA offers Consulting Services specialising in Family Office investment management programs and appropriate investment vehicles
    • IFOA has worked on numerous projects with wealthy families throughout the world including Australia, the UK, USA, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.
  • Unique Services
    • IFOA is uniquely positioned to provide access to exclusive arrangements.  To find out more, please contact us.

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